Are you looking for the best fish that the North Sea has to offer? Do you want to make your 'menu' complete with a wide variety of exotic fish? Noordzee International B.V offers a variety of products to fit your specific needs. Our North Sea fish is guaranteed to be caught in the clean, nutritious North Sea. This sea is sustainably exploited and it is the best managed and most studied sea in the world. Our wild fish is caught using state of the art vessels, guaranteeing freshness due to quick landing, optimal processing and distribution.

Our exotic fish is imported under strict quality and hygiene standards and our production is fully ISO 22000 - and IFS certified. Only the best is good enough. Read more about our superior wild fish on our Products Wild Catch page.

Alaska Pollack fillets

alaska pollak filet

Crab claws

image 19


 image 54

Plaice fillets

image 3

Red Gurnard

image 10

Turbot fillets

image 26

Alaska Pollack loins

alaska pollak loins


image 9

Flounder fillets

 image 39

Plaice paired

 image 2

Red Gurnard fillets

image 23

Turbot steaks

image 20


 image 13

Dab fillets

image 5


image 0

Plaice panready

 image 17

Red Gurnard panready

image 22

Yellowfin sole fillets

image 15

Cod fillets

 image 35

Dover fillets

image 45

Mackerell fillets

image 51

Razor clams

 image 50


image 58

Cod loins

 image 34

Dover Sole panready

image 42


image 21

Red fish fillets

image 55


image 11